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The Soothie® pacifier is the most commonly distributed pacifier in hospitals nationwide. Many of these hospitals house a NICU where newborns are at risk and incredibly vulnerable. Because The Keepsie™ is an ideal partner for the Soothie®, keeping it safe and clean when not in use, our goal is to get as many NICU babies their own Keepsie™. They can’t help themselves but you can be part of the team that helps them! 

The Giveback4U Program will gift 20 Keepsies to the NICU of your choice!!! 
How can you be a part of the Giveback4U program? 
  • Be the 1 st , 10 th , 100 th , 1000 th ,10,000 th or 100,000 th purchaser from TheKeepsie.com (you must provide your contact information at check out to register for the Giveback4U Program). 
  • Follow TheKeepsie™ on Instagram for surprise opportunities. 
  • 10 times a year TheKeepsie™ will randomly select from customers who are registered for the Giveback4U Program.