To keep it clean from everything you don't want in your baby's mouth
  • Crumbs, lint, fuzz, insects and animal hair (Have you seen the bottom of your diaper bag?!)
  • Germs, E.coli, airborne bacteria -What do you think gets on it when it hangs from a diaper bag, your baby's clothes or a stroller in a public restroom, around someone who coughed, in a group of other kids, in a doctor's office or grocery store?
  • Puddles, the sidewalk or your dog's or other child's saliva when your baby has fallen asleep or decided it is better as a toy right now.
 Because you can't always carry around a sink.
 Because YOU don't want to suck what was floating around in the bathroom off of the pacifier!
 Because it's the easiest solution
Just snap snap and go...we've got you covered!

The Keepsie is the only cover of its kind!
1. It is the ONLY cover that can be used for pacifiers with stuffed animals (no more plastic baggies!)
2. Air holes increase air flow and reduce bacteria build up
3. It is the only case that covers the pacifier AND keeps a pacifier clip in use
4. Double snaps- snap snap and go!
5. Food grade material, BPH & BPS FREE
6. USA Manufactured
7. Extra Loop for Diaper Bag/Stroller Attachment, Extra pacifier clip, etc
8. Drop Tested & Passed
9. Safety Tested & Passed ages 0+
10. NICU Baby Inspired + Mom Invented
BONUS: Our Give-Back Philosophy. We have a devoted donation mission with Silvie Bells Non Profit and other NICU Care Package organizations throughout the USA.