“Three blogs” she said. “I need content” she said. What in the world? I just invented a pacifier cover! What could I possibly write three entire blogs on for a website?!?!  Isn’t a website to sell The Keepsie™ Pacifier Cover? What’s a blog anyway???

So here I am 4 weeks and many unfulfilled self-imposed deadlines later and I’m writing my first. But, it’s not going to be on the pacifier cover solely. I'm not yet sure that I will be able to fill 900-1200 words on a regular basis about this amazing pacifier cover that is the first ever to cover pacifiers with stuffed animals and pacifiers with clips. Well, maybe I can LOL..So, I'm also going to write about the journey of becoming an inventor, designer and producer of The Keepsie™ through my eyes as a mom and therapist. So, because it’s in my nature to be an open book through this process what I write will be real. And because I value inspiration and the opportunity to learn from others my therapist self will add points for you (the reader) to think about and potentially grow from if you’re interested. And because I’m the mom of a funny, loving and caring 4 year old little girl I’ll include mompreneur topics. Somewhere in the mix I’ll throw in the amazing benefits of The Keepsie™, why it’s a baby necessity to have one (or two) and how you need to get one for all of your friends!

Happy reading

The Keepsie™ Mom