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After searching for and trying to make-shift a cover that fit over a pacifier while a stuffed animal was attached… and failing OVER and OVER, mom to a NICU newborn decided to invent The Keepsie™.

Jennifer Melvin was determined to assure that nothing got in the way of keeping her baby girl’s best friend, the pacifier with the lion, as safe and clean as possible.

5 years of research, testing and feedback from other moms who had the same need led to production of The Keepsie™ in 2017.


What material is the Keepsie made with and why?

The Keepsie is polypropelene, chosen because it does not leach chemicals and is one of the most common food grade approved plastics, often used as containers for yogurt, etc.

Where is the Keepsie made and why?

The Keepsie is manufactured in Palm Beach County, Florida at Plastimold Products. A non-negotiable was USA manufacturing and in a plant that can be trusted to care for the product and the vision behind it.

Who designed the Keepsie?

The Keepsie was designed in inventor/creator/mom Jennifer Melvin’s heart (and head) and then put to technical design on paper by retired Mattel company toy designer Dorian, who the “Dorian” is named after.

If I order the Keepsie, when will it arrive?

The Keepsie will be packaged within 24 hours of an order M-Sat, 8am-3pm EST.  It is then shipped on the next available shipping day per USPS days/times of operation. First Class= approx 5 day delivery after shipping, Priority= approx 3 day delivery after shipping, Express=next day/morning delivery after shipped.  Ex: Order is placed on Monday,July 1st @ 2pm EST. Packaging completed by Tuesday the 2nd, 2pm EST. Shipped by Wed, the 3rd: First class delivered by Monday the 8th. Priority delivered by Sat the 6th. Express delivered by Thursday the 4th.

How do I win the Keepsie?

Subscribe and have a chance each month!

Is the ink used on Andy safe?

Yes. The ink is a non-toxic ink from Germany. It is not sealed or pre treated with any chemicals to adhere to the Keepsie. As a result, when Andy is loved through usage, you will find his face may become faded. We have chosen this option versus a toxic based ink that would indeed last but would not be toxin free, in order to maintain our mission of keeping products safe and clean for our babies.

How can I ask another question?

Email [email protected] or Instagram Messaging @thekeepsie are the fastest ways of communicating with The Keepsie Team!  We’d love to hear from you!!