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Pacifier case in the NEWS


Baby necessities for flu and cold season

Cincinnati Family Magazine (24,000) Featured The Keepsie in an article on ‘Winter Sanity Savers’ online: http://cincinnatifamilymagazine.com/uncategorized/things-we-like-winter-sanity-savers


Pacifier case for your baby checklist

Cincinnati Family Magazine (24,000) Featured The Keepsie in their magazine in their Expecting Guide. See page 17:  https://issuu.com/daycom/docs/cf0219

Pacifier cover. Pacifier with clip.

Cassandra M’s Place (15k UVM) Featured The Keepsie on 1.3.19: https://www.cassandramsplace.com/2019/01/keepsie-to-help-babys-pacifier-stay.html


Baby checklist. For Safety. 

Orethapedia (11k UVM) Featured The Keepsie in a ‘Baby Safety Must-Haves’ piece: Two Baby Safety Month Must-Haves That Should Be On Your List

Also, mentioned on Twitter: https://twitter.com/orethapedia/status/1081648047858348032

Baby necessity. Pacifier case.  

Motherhood Moment (Twitter Mention) https://twitter.com/mthrhood_moment/status/1079780775615184897

NICU Preemie World Highlights the Keepsie for Families  


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